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“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”


Committed to SAFETY

Everyone at Aarow Electrical Solutions from the top down is committed to safety. Aarow has the responsibility to our customers and our employees to continually strive to make safety number one in the workplace. Aarow believes that no job is so important that we cannot take time to do the job safely. The future of our business depends on our quality, productivity and safety. With safety being number one among equals. Our superintendents, foreman and employees are constantly going through training to improve the job and the job safety. There are safety meetings and toolbox talks the first of every week for all employees on job sites.

  • Responsible Employees

  • New Hire Orientation

  • Safety Policy

  • Safety Procedures

  • Safety Work Practices

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Hazard Communication Training

  • Incident Report Procedure

  • Verification of Electrical License

Aarow, Safety First
Aarow, Safety First

Responsible Employees

All new employees are required to go through Aarows safety orientation before reporting to the job site. All company personnel are required to make active and consistent effort in the prevention of accidents. Safety meetings with tool box topics are held the first of every week to bring safety to the forefront. All foreman and superintendents are required to complete OSHA and CPR training.

Safe Work Practices

Keeping work areas free of all unsafe conditions. Comply with all instructions from supervisor. Each employee has a responsibility for his own safety as well as coworkers and local community. Adherence to all jobsite PPE requirements.

Aarow, Safety First
Aarow, Safety First

Incident Reporting Procedure

All incidents, no matter how small, are required to be reported to foreman, superintendent, safety director and project manager. After hours on duty PM available. Incidents resulting in lost time have been kept to a minimum giving Aarow an EMR of 0.78.

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