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Service Division

Customer Relationships Forged by Dependability and Reliability

Service Division


With a through understanding our customers needs, we have forged customer relationships through dependability and reliability. Small enough to offer personal service but large enough to handle the most demanding needs. From minor installations to major renovations, we can provide unparalleled service.

  • Authorized Eaton / Powerware UPS Reseller / Power Advantage Partner Program

  • UPS

  • Planned Building Maintenance Services

  • Backup Generator & ATS Installation

  • Healthcare Facility Solutions

  • Interior Tenant Renovations & Construction

  • Fire Alarm System Installation & Testing


Having a backup generator system in place is a “must have” for most businesses, but there are areas where that alone may not be adequate.  We understand that there are systems that can never experience a power outage.  We have installed UPS systems for critical systems to further assure a “no loss of power” condition. 


While we have installed other manufacturer options, we are an authorized Eaton / Powerware reseller.  Being a member of their Power Advantage Program helps us provide competitive pricing, and access to additional resources and services is a step above general retailers.

Planned Building Maintenance Services

Part of having a reliable working electrical system is proper housekeeping and having a planned maintenance program in place.  Properly checking and maintaining the existing components is vital in avoiding the unplanned failures of any system.  During this process, the power distribution system (panels, disconnects, transformers, etc) are examined to make sure they are in working order, per manufacturer’s specifications.  Any issues that are found are brought to the owner’s attention, and remediation actions are taken.  Early detection can help avoid loss of normal business operations.  We will even coordinate with the local utility company and schedule the required outage, which is always done during the building’s off hours.

Backup Generator & ATS Installation

Replacing, upgrading, or installing new, we can install generator systems that fulfill the building’s emergency system.  From ground mounted to rooftop installations, our team can accommodate your needs.

Healthcare Facility Solutions

We have a long history with working in healthcare facilities.  We understand the many additional requirements for working in this environment and the facility’s own standards of installation.

Interior Tenant Renovations & Construction

From departmental to full building renovations and construction, we can help coordinate and complete these projects to meet the customer’s schedule.

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