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Quantico MCB, The Basic School, BEQ, Phase 5, 6 & 7

Quantico, VA


Harper Construction


U.S. Marine Corps


Assist in design build process of two new 300-men BEQ's. Work included site work for new power service, telecommunications, OSP, MV power, interior lighting, branch power, low voltage systems and a turnkey fire alarm and mass notification system.
B.A.A. wavier was granted for ceiling fans as the location of manufacture was not acceptable however the cost was quadruple purchased in USA for 519 ceiling fans.
Siemens Fire & Security received a waiver as the devices are made in China however the system is assembled onsite.

As two identical 4 story buildings were under construction the painter fell behind schedule which compacted the work schedule. Aarow was able to get caught up without adding additional manpower to the project. Another issue included a fire alarm device defect, while on notice Siemens factory techs arrived onsite and worked 22 hours straight to correct the issue.

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